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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Oct 11, 1998  11:48 pm
Subject:  Brazilian Children's Story Posted

October 12, 1998

I am happy to announce that I have re-posted a Brazilian children's story
on our SignWriting Web Site, entitled "Uma Menina Chamada Kauana", "A
Little Girl Called Kauana" by Marianne Stumpf, written January 1997, and
first posted on the web, February, 1997:

Brazilian Children's Story

Before now, the story was stored on a Brazilian web site, and we "linked"
to their web site. But the story was removed from the Brazilian web site,
and someone informed me that the links were no longer working. Fortunately
I had made GIF files of the entire story just in case this would happen, so
I was able to post the story on our SignWritingSite now.

The story is rather historic. Not only is it the first story written in
Brazilian signs, in SignWriting, but it was also the first SignWriting
story ever posted on any web site - it preceded all my postings. Plus, the
introduction to the story is written down the page in columns - the first
publication ever to do that. Times, of course, are progressing, and all of
this is taken for granted now. I want to thank Marianne Stumpf and Antonio
Carlos da Rocha Costa, for their contribution :-)

By the way, the author of the story, Marianne Stumpf, teaches SignWriting
at Escola Especial Concordia, a school for the Deaf in Porto Alegre,
Brazil. Marianne continues to write literature in SignWriting. I understand
that our textbook "Lessons In SignWriting", has been translated into
Brazilian Sign Language and Portuguese, and Marianne and others have
completed several new pieces of literature for the students to
read...Congratulations, Marianne :-)

My best wishes -

Valerie :-)


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