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From:  Wayne Smith
Date:  Sat Nov 25, 2000  3:35 am
Subject:  My postal address has changed.

To all of my friends, relatives, students, colleagues, and even those of
you who don't have a clue who I am (even though I have you in my address
book for some reason):

My postal address has been changed due the (eventual) implementation of
the 911 system here in Maine. So my address is no longer:

Wayne H. Smith
RR 1, Box 174 <==== OLD (WRONG) ADDRESS X X X X
Surry, ME 04684-9704

but now, as of today (Nov. 24, 2000):

Wayne H. Smith
5 Jellison Ridge Rd. <==== NEW ADDRESS!! OK OK OK
Surry, ME 04684-3340

Note the change in the Zip suffix also.
My telephone number is still the same: 207-667-9482.
My primary e-mail address is still:

In case you don't hear from me for another ten years, have a



- Wayne Smith

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