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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Oct 14, 1998  11:03 am
Subject:  Re: Recording Mime With SW

On October 14, 1998, Ben Karlin wrote:
>If I understand correctly, there is this trunk, Movement Writing, which
>is suitable for recording movement and can be extended in different
>directions to serve different "audiences" of purpose. For instance,
>where large movements need to be recorded, Dance Writing expands this
>basic vocabulary of written symbols. Where the movements are tiny, like
>the positions of individual fingers, Sign Writing expands this basic
>vocabulary in a different direction (and adds facial expression in a way
>that I imagine Dance Writing rarely needs).
>In other words, when recording dance, it is rarely important what
>direction the dancer's eyes are looking just as in recording signs, it
>is rarely important which foot is bearing the body's weight. Have I got
>it right, Valerie?

October 14, 1998

Hi Ben -
Yes, you explained it correctly. Movement Writing is a handwriting that
records any movement "generically" and visually. It records all human
movement, and some animal and insect movements as well.

This "generic" writing system is then "specified" for people's needs. At
present, I have broken it down to five sections: SignWriting, DanceWriting,
and MimeWriting are three of the five sections. The other two,
SportsWriting and ScienceWriting are more rarely used.

Each profession has its requirements, so I write special textbooks for each
profession. SignWriting is the symbol set needed to record signs. And as
Fernando said in a previous message, the reason why SignWriting is used all
over the world is because it stems from a "flexible, generic writing

Sometimes these different professions "cross boundaries". Sometimes dance
uses signs or signed languages use mime or gestures...and so we can then
draw from the generic Movement Writing system to fulfill those needs.

For those interested in looking at SportsWriting, or MimeWriting or
DanceWriting, you can see examples on our second web site:

DanceWriting Web Site

Thanks for the interesting message -

Valerie :-)

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