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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Jan 2, 2001  3:51 pm
Subject:  Happy 2001 ;-> !!

Good Morning, SignWriting List!

I am writing this message at 7:30 in the morning in San Diego, on
January 2, 2001...

Happy 2001 ;-> !!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Most of us are back to work
today. I know that I, for one, look forward to working on some
important documents in January. The New Year looks very bright ;->

And thanks to those who worked on SignWriting over the holidays...

I just visited Stefan's new web site again:

SignWriting in Germany

I can see you have added lots of new information, wonderful photos,
more links and lessons in SignWriting, Stefan!...Your web site is
really growing....a wonderful gift for the New Year!

And many thanks to pastor Ron Dettloff, for sending me the new Bible
verses translated into ASL by the Deaf Church in Michigan. It is
amazing how much you have accomplished in such a short time.

And Jerry, your SignBible web site is being "quoted" in different
proposals now, as an "example of written sign language literature on
the web"....I read a proposal over the holiday for a specific
SignWriting project, and they used your site as an example!!

And thanks also to Charles Butler, for your new literature over the
holidays ;->

SignWriting literature libraries will grow in 2001...and that is just
what we need...more reading material in different signed languages....

Have a wonderful day!

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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4382 Happy 2001 ;-> !! Eline Vanhecke Thu  1/4/2001

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