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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jan 14, 2001  6:20 pm
Subject:  SignWriting Year-End Report Posted

SignWriting List
January 14, 2001

My Dear Friends!

I am happy to announce that our SignWriting Year-End Report is now
posted on the front page of our web site. Just go to:

SignWriting Year-End Report

Thank you for your contributions to SignWriting literacy in the year 2000!

Val ;->

PS. I was supposed to keep the Report "short" page and no more.
Instead it became three pages! And there still were many projects and
accomplishments that were not know that your
work was not forgotten.

I hope to create detailed web postings about other projects later
this year...If you have work you would like to share with us, please
post it to the SignWriting List, and mention you would like to have
your project posted on our web site. Of course I will feel honored to
include your SignWriting projects on our SignWriting web site in the
future ;-))

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