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From:  Ingvild Roald
Date:  Thu Feb 8, 2001  11:43 am
Subject:  Re: Brazilian Sign

Dear Valerie, and all the rest of the list,

I know this is the way we have been writing, based on Valeries work and
ideas, and I did in no way mean to for her ot feel sad about anything I

But let's rest the matter for a while, as you suggest, and try to discuss
other topics.


>From: Valerie Sutton
>Reply-To: SignWriting List
>To: SignWriting List
>Subject: Re: Brazilian Sign
>Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 16:27:57 -0800
>Charles Butler wrote:
>> If my writing is 25 years old--and still readable after 25 years,
>>then there is something
>>>seriously wrong with a new system that can look at my old handshapes and
>>>declare them "unreadable" under a new system.
>Ingvild wrote:
>>This is what I thought too.
>>I completely agree.
>SignWriting List
>February 7, 2001
>Actually Charles and Ingvild, I feel vindicated by this, and I like
>your diagram, Charles, which I have attached again...It is an
>excellent way to describe the way we have been writing all these
>years. The only thing that makes me feel bad is that you said it was
>your system and only yours. Haven't we all been writing that way for
>25 years? I know I have. And I like it too, probably because I am
>used to it...
>And no one said yours was "unreadable"...the signs are perfectly
>readable! It just depends on which theory one chooses...each theory
>is different...
>This subject has been upsetting me for over 6 months. I did not want
>to make rules on this, but others wanted rules, and I could not pin
>down a lot of things we were doing because it is too close to me and
>my thinking and making rules on one's thinking can be hard sometimes.
>So your diagram helps pin down why the old ASL signs in our
>dictionary are written the way they are.....that is a great help!
>Meanwhile I have not explained any of the newer theories properly
>from my perspective...I am still working on them, and even if they
>work...I would be perfectly happy if you continue to write just as
>you have for the past 25 years. I know the old way works because we
>have fluent readers who are reading those signs.
>So no one is wrong. If we have three or four theories going...we are
>just trying things out to see what works. Some countries may stick
>with one method and that is OK with me, and I respect their choices.
>So I guess I am going to have to stop talking about this right now,
>because it makes me feel sad. Feel free to change the topic, someone,
>and ask other technical questions....we can come back to this issue
>at a later time.
>Here is Charles' diagram, which is the best description I have seen
>of how we were thinking in the past 25 years...
><< _Orientat.jpg >>
><< Orientat.jpg >>

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