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From:  Henk Pel
Date:  Fri Feb 16, 2001  8:04 am
Subject:  Report

Thank you Valery for your nice report about the Annual meeting. I would have
loved to have been there around the circular table.!! Congratulations with
the 2 new officers. The following is for Kristi Short.
It is so good to read that you are interrested in reaching the "general
hearing community" I am very interrested in that as well. I would like to
know how you are going about that. So far I have and still am working with
hearing children, but not to many adults. They all seem to be to busy .
Wouln't be great if every store and at least a health center, had one person
who could sign? Idialistic, yes, but why not?
Anyway, if you could find time to write about it? Thanks!!!!

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