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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Feb 23, 2001  2:50 pm
Subject:  The SignBible Site and SW 4.4 ;-)

>Thank you for mentioning The Sign Bible Site to the list. All materials
>are available for download, free.

SignWriting List
February 23, 2001

Hi Jerry!
And thank you too...I am very proud of your wonderful Bible Site. It
is a true gift!

I have been meaning to write to you....some of the new features in
SignWriter 4.4 give web designers new opportunities for web
design...not that you should change anything...I like your web site
just the way it is ;-)

But to give you an example...the Export to BMP gives more
opportunities. The black-background-format that you use for the bible
documents looks great on the web. At the time that you started your
web site, the old version of the SignWriter Computer Program did not
have a good Export command. So doing screen captures of MS-DOS with a
black background seemed to make sense....

Now, with SignWriter 4.4, you can export a SignWriter file to a
better-quality BMP, and it automatically inverts the SignWriting,
placing it on a white background. So it should be easier for you to
switch to a white background if you ever want that for your web
site...without doing screen captures...

Oh..and by the way...if you would like to simply "link" to my web
site to download the new shareware, that would be fine with me. Since
there may be changes to the shareware from time to time, and since I
do not plan to move its location again (grin), a link would be easier
for you, rather than re-uploading the shareware onto your web site
everytime I make changes.

So please link the shareware to:

Download SignWriter 4.4 Shareware

SignWriter 4.4 Instruction

Many thanks, Jerry, for everything!

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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