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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Feb 26, 2001  6:00 pm
Subject:  Re: New Cyberjer pages

SignWriting List
February 26, 2001

Thank you, Jerry, for your wonderful postings!! I visited all of your
pages and I love your work...and thanks for updating to our new
SignWriter 4.4 web pages...your export to BMPs look nice on a white
background ;-)

Have you tried searching your site on our new "Search SignWriting
with Google" page?

Just go to:

and try searching your two sites!

Val ;-)


Dear Valerie and List, is pleased to announce the addition of two new pages of
ASL literature in SignWriting. Please enjoy Godliness at
(ASL Signwriting by Pastor Dettloff and The Deaf Church) and The
Weaver, rendered in SignWriting for us by Tini Pel at
Please enjoy these pages and feel free to download the SignWriter 4.4
version files (*.sgn). Your comments and constructive criticism are

We have revised our download procedure for SignWriter software to
linking with the SignWriting Site's page, in order to keep current
upgrades on both the software and Valerie's lessons available.

Please let Pastor Dettloff and Tini know if you have enjoyed their work.

Jerry Spillman, Webmaster

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