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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Mar 7, 2001  4:53 pm
Subject:  Re: En: Rotations at 90 and 180 degrees (forward)

On 3/7/01, SignNet-MCT-PUCRS wrote:

* Please, let me know if now the diagrams are readable. Thanks !

SignWriting List
March 7, 2001

Hello Everyone, and Cris!

Thank you for re-sending the files as jpgs, Cris...they are readable!!

All three messages you just posted to the SW List came through on
Macintosh Netscape and Internet Explorer - many thanks!

But I did learn something...apparently there is a new graphics format
called "the Windows metafile format". I had never heard of it before.
Unfortunately, not all Macintosh web browsers can read the Windows
metafile format, so that is why we still must only use jpgs or gifs
on the SignWriting List.

That way everyone can read our diagrams, even if they are on a
computer that does not use Windows ;-)

I will answer your questions soon, Cris -

All the best -


Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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