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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Mar 19, 2001  5:37 pm
Subject:  Ordering the Lessons in SignWriting Textbook

>Patsy van Andel worte:
>I tried to order the "Textbook and Workbook Sign Writing" but was
>told it was out of print and no longer available. Is there another

SignWriting List
March 19, 2001

Patsy -
This is Valerie. I am supposed to be in bed, and frankly need to
be....but I am glad I checked my email. The Lessons in SignWriting
Textbook is in print. I ship the books all over the world. It just
isn't carried by any other bookstore right now. That will change in
time. In fact, I am working with someone now to change the situation
for the we can have other distributors for the book in
the future....But right now you have to order through me.

So please send me the order through our web site. It is number 3
below....Many thanks! Val ;-)


Catalog Directory


1. SignWriting Membership

2. Video Series: Lessons In SignWriting

3. Textbook: Lessons In SignWriting

4. Download SignWriter Shareware

5. SignWriter Computer Program Package

6. SignWriting Fingerspelling Fonts

7. Video Series: Deaf Perspectives On SignWriting

8. Sutton's American Sign Language Dictionary

9. Sutton's Picture Dictionary in ASL

10. Learn To Read
American Sign Language in SignWriting

11. Goldilocks Level 1: Beginning Workbook

12. Goldilocks Level 2: Basic Storybook

13. Goldilocks Level 3: Intermediate Storybook

14. Goldilocks Level 4: Advanced Storybook

15. Video: SignWriting Children's Stories

16. SignWriting Flashcards, Goldilocks

17. SignWriting Greeting Cards

18. SignWriting Order Form Online


Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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