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From:  "Sherry L. Williams"
Date:  Tue May 12, 1998  10:17 am
Subject:  Re: List Owner

For your info, I never asked to be put on the list in the first place.
Suddenly I started receiving messages from Valerie Sutton two-three months
ago and I have never been involved with sign writing before. It was easier
to just delete the messages. When the list started, I got 39 messages in
one day so I realized I better get my name off the list or it will clog up
my computer.

I suspect many of those folks were like me...never involved with signwriting
in the first place, then suddenly they are on the list. Does that answer
your question?
At 05:40 PM 5/11/1998 EDT, you wrote:
>I am curious why the people start to drop of the list fromt he Signwriting...I
>am new to this and got all the message from you and others....can you tell me
>what is going on.....

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