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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Mon Mar 26, 2001  5:08 am
Subject:  Re: Trip to Brazil

Please do print all the pictures of Brazil. I also have more pictures of
the Lutheran School in Porto Alegre that I hope to post before I leave for


I am flying out April 2 from Washington DC to work with the SignNet group in
Porto Alegre for two months on various projects, but chiefly the task to
caption the PUC Museum in Libras.

I'll be immersed in Portuguese, English, ASL, and Libras.

I'll be there from April 2 to June 3. Exciting. Since I have dual
citizenship, I will be working as a Brazilian citizen (have to get the ID
cards and all that). Meanwhile, I'm working as an editor here in DC, and
hope to do a little telecommuting for both that job and the interfaith
conference I run.

Busy, busy, busy.


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