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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Oct 27, 1998  12:53 am
Subject:  Re: SW Symbol Questions

October 26, 1998
Lots of symbol questions today - this is great :-)

Someone wrote to me and asked me a question about the new writing lesson
posted on the web. The question is about the symbols on this web page:

The symbols on that page are the flat hand. But notice there is a small
space at the knuckle joint, that cuts the symbol. That space shows that the
flat hand is flat with the floor - it is "parallel" with the floor.
Actually you are looking down at the hand "from the top view".

So if the flat hand symbol has "no space", then the hand is "parallel with
your chest"...for example, if the fingers point straight up.

But, when there is a space cutting the symbol, then the hand is "parallel
with the floor", for example, if the fingers are pointing forward.

You might want to take a look at some signs to figure out what I am talking
about....Take a look at this dictionary page on the web to see examples:

On that page you will see the signs for "table" and "walk", which both have
the flat hand parallel with the floor. You know this by the space at the
knuckle joint.

Hope this helps -

Valerie :-)

Valerie Sutton at the DAC
Deaf Action Committee for SW


Center For Sutton Movement Writing
an educational nonprofit organization
Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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