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From:  Judy Kegl
Date:  Tue Oct 27, 1998  4:52 pm
Subject:  Re: Canadian Geography Inquiry

To any Canadian signers:

We are in designing an SW reading leeson regarding Lindberg h for our
school in Nicaragua. While Nicaraguan has a distinct sign for "Canada"
(which is unlike the ASL sign), there are no signs for either Nova Scotia
or Newfoundland. In such situations, we usually borrow the sign used by
the locals in the geographical location in question.

Anybody know the sign for "Nova Scotia" or "Newfoundland"?

To any French signers: same problem for "Paris". (Nicaraguan Sign
Language already has a sign for France.)

Please fax responses in SW to NSLP, Inc. at 908-598-9478. Or describe
sign on net. Thank you.

-- James Shepard-Kegl

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