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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Wed Nov 4, 1998  5:56 pm
Subject:  question

This was posted on the Teach-ASL list, and I thought y'all might be
interested, so I'm passing it along;

Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 22:02:02 EST
From: Maggie Cobb-Wessling
Subject: Re: Writing ASL Grammar

Just curious--Has anyone tried teaching ASL via Sign Writing? I have the
tapes that I show to ASL 2 students, but I've not had them "learn" it yet.
Just wondering about y'all's opinions. I know the Deaf Community as a
seems opposed to it, and I understand the rationale. However, it is very
frustrating to give the students worksheets with English words written in
word order. My high school students can NOT separate the idea that it's
a representation, not "bad" English.


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