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From:  Thomas Barnello
Date:  Thu Nov 5, 1998  6:25 am
Subject:  Re: A general ASL question

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From: Barbara ODea
To: SignWriting List
Date: Wednesday, November 04, 1998 4:57 PM
Subject: Re: A general ASL question

>I have a couple questions about the 'general ASL question'.
>1. Who are the students - ages, language backgrounds?
>2. Are you teaching in a second language setting, or are you working
>with children acquiring their first language?
>3. Are you a parent teaching some signs to your children?
>I have to admit, I am more than concerned when I hear that people who do
>not know ASL are teaching ASL. I have made the assumption the person who
>is teaching ASL vocabulary doesn't know ASL because that person indicated
>a clear lack of knowledge for the fact that ASL can have more than one
>sign for indicating the same thing.

I myself am currently learning ASL, as I assume Michele is. I am also
trying to use a cooperative experience with my child, as I believe it helps
in the retention process if it is taken on as a family experience. From you
message however, I feel you strongly disagree with this method. I have
spoken with my ASL instructor about teaching my daughter what I have
learned, even at my beginning level and obviously not fully knowledgeable,
and she thought it was a wonderful idea. My ASL tutor had the same feelings.
I am curious to know why you have such a strong concern about this.

Amber Barnello
Las Vegas NV

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