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From:  Cheryl Zapien
Date:  Fri Nov 6, 1998  2:13 am
Subject:  Re: people


Why James, what an awesome post. I love it. Cheryl

James R Womack wrote:

> On Thu, 5 Nov 1998 08:23:44 -0800 Barbara ODea writes:
> >I seem to have offended some people on this list.
> It's going to happen no matter what you do or even don't do.
> Human nature and all that.
> >I do not want to add fuel to the fire, and after this message I will
> >respond to people only individually,
> Be brave, kid. Don't let a little snapping cower you.
> Happens to me all the time. Trust people. By and
> large, most folks take it all in stride and only a few
> try to make it look like you started WWIII and were also
> responsible for stars going super nova.
> We agree, we disagree, we make up, we fight,
> but you know what? Except for hypersensitive nitwits,
> do you really hurt anybody by posting what is basically
> your ideas about issues? No you do not. Put your head
> down, kid, and plod right along. There's no manual
> in existence that can teach you how to get along with all the
> people all the time. It just ain't printed cause if it was, it would be
> a book of lies anyway.
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> James R. Womack
> ASL Instructor
> Community College of Southern Nevada

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