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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Fri Nov 6, 1998  2:14 am
Subject:  Re: Inbetween Contact & Surface Symbols

Valerie Sutton wrote:

Now I remember that sign, it was in a very early textbook for the R
handshape. In fact it sort of looks like a crossed "r" hump.

Valerie, I think an honest plea needs to go out to the list for anyone
who has worked with any and all of these systems, from Mime to Dance to
Sports to Sign Writing to really do more work and take the pressure off
of you. I know that you are fragile and do far more work than any
person should expect. I will try my hand at getting more examples out
there of my stuff, so that people will know more clearly what is being
done. This plea is posted to the whole net to encourage everyone to do
what they can to take the burden off of you. Not many people realize
that though you are often a workaholic, you can only put in two to three
hours in any given day to this and that is all essentially volunteer.
You are not part of a "huge" foundation which is doing this. It's all
by hand, even after 25 years. This needs to be publicized.

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