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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Fri Nov 13, 1998  11:40 am
Subject:  Re: question

> Just curious--Has anyone tried teaching ASL via Sign Writing? I have the demo
tapes that I show to ASL 2 students, but I've not had them "learn" it yet.
Just wondering about y'all's opinions. I know the Deaf Community as a whole
seems opposed to it, and I understand the rationale. However, it is very
frustrating to give the students worksheets with English words written in ASL
word order. My high school students can NOT separate the idea that it's only a
representation, not "bad" English.
> Maggi

When I see the sentence "me interest go store. You me go go question"
in makes my blood boil. It is neither Standard English, nor Ebonic
English, both of which are current spoken languages, it is Sign Gloss,
which is neither ASL nor English, but an English representation of Sign.
Even Stokoe is not intuitive, one must know ASL already, and very
thoroughly, in order to read it, and then one must study to know it.

Sign Writing is intuitive enough to teach the basics in an afternoon,
the entire system in a week of night classes, and have people writing
their own language in actual hand motions and grammar from the second
minute. Reading the language one picks up the grammar, writing it
enforces the pattern. I think it's a win-win situation.

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