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From:  Antony Daamen
Date:  Sun Nov 11, 2001  9:09 pm
Subject:  Re: A Gift from Colombia ;-)


Hello Josue,

I hope you understand English.
I find your drawing beautiful and would like to use it for the cover of my
SignWriting Book, that I will work on here in Australia.
Is that ok with you?

Greetings from Townsville in Queensland Australia


Antony Daamen
"The God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will......
crush and put an end to all these kingdoms,
and it itself will stand to times indefinite."
Daniel 2:44

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From: Valerie Sutton [SMTP:]
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Subject: A Gift from Colombia ;-)

<< File: LogoFundar.jpg >> >Hola Valerie
>mira logo de evolucion escritura
>Chao , josue,

SignWriting List
November 8, 2001

A magnificent gift from Colombia. Thank you, Josue! It is a beautiful
drawing....Val ;-)

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