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From:  Kay
Date:  Mon Nov 16, 1998  10:34 pm
Subject:  presentation....

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From: Andrea Shapiro
To: SignWriting List
Date: Sunday, November 15, 1998 12:09 PM
Subject: Re: intoduction

>Dear Kelly
>What did you do for your presintation. In my English Class i have show and
>tell (go ahead and laught) I am doing it on ASL.

My presentation is next Tuesday. I am giving a general overview of

I plan to include:
~a description of signwriting including how it can effectively record all
the 5 phonemes of ASL (hand shape, movement, location, palm orientation,
non-manual markers)
~a brief history
~what some of its uses are, i.e.: recording history, studding ASL grammar
and structure, help improve literacy among the deaf, a tool to teach English
as a second language or ASL as a second language, a way for deaf artists to
record their art in their own language.
~then I plan to show examples.

i am very nervous about it and i will be very relieved when its done!
ASL is a great thing to tell other hearing people about abcause most people
believe ASL is just english on the hands and not its own unique, beautiful
language. Good Luck!


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