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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Nov 15, 2001  9:31 pm
Subject:  Re: news from Arabic Nations ;-)

Mohamed wrote:
>1- I finished the Arabic translation of the manual of SW program
>2- I will begin experiment to teach sw of ArSL in my school. I choose three
>classes to practice it so I wish I had all support of all of you...

SignWriting List
November 15, 2001


You have my full wholehearted support. I feel very joyful about your
news, and very honored too, to think that you would go to so much
work, to do the translations into Arabic. Thank you!

Can you show us some of it? Would you like me to try to post some of
it on the web? I do not own any Arabic spoken language fonts, but
perhaps if you make a GIF or JPEG of one page, and then post it to
us, it will give us a feel for what your pages look like...Those
pages could be posted as GIFs on the web, and would not require any
special fonts...would you like to do that?

No matter what, just know we are happy with the news!

Val ;-)

PS. There was a message to Dan posted to the List..Was it typed with
an Arabic character font? Since I do not have that font, it of course
looked like a series of strange symbols in my email box...just
curious....I want so much to learn! ;-))

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