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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Nov 25, 2001  10:36 pm
Subject:  Phonemes and Body Movement?

>Yes, I see. Can I say that those body movements are the phonemes of the sign ?
>And that it was the basic elements which connected the 2 signed languages
>together? Am I confused? Leigh 8:)

SignWriting List
November 25, 2001

You know, Leigh, I don't know. I never invented a way to write
phonemes...I just looked at body movement and wrote it visually, as
it looks in real life...Then I was just practical - I met some Deaf
people and showed them the symbols and asked them if they would like
to try to write their languages - and then we just wrote it...that
was all. It was not developed, in other words, by linguists, but
instead by everyday people who just need a way to write. Then slowly,
linguists became interested and look at it from a "phonemes"
perspective...So you must ask the linguists on the List - I had
thought that Karen van Hoek had explained that...but maybe Steve or
Dianne Parkhurst, or Stuart Thiessen or Joe Martin or others, can
explain it to you...

Because of work deadlines, I am going to have to be off line for the
next couple of days - I have to finish the Swiss signs so that I can
then finish working on SignBank (beta test version)...and I am
tired...and would like a little rest too -

So I wish you all the best with your paper and I hope that you enjoy
learning SignWriting!


Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton

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