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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Dec 21, 2001  10:26 pm
Subject:  ZURICH: Mouth Gestures

SignWriting List
December 21, 2001

>>Siv and I are just now working on notating some of the mouth
>>gestures. We have two questions which came up as we tried to
>>notated the repeated mouth gesture 'p p p'. Ideally, this would
>>be a combination of "lips protruding", "expel breath",
>>"repetition". Our questions: 1. Is it possible to combine two mouth
>>symbols (lips protruding and expel breath)? 2. How do you show
>>repetition of a mouth movement? (We can't find a symbol that stands
>>alone for repetition, which one could set next to the face.)

Yes. It is possible to combine two mouth movements in one symbol. Or
you can have two separate facial expressions within one sign too...

As you know, the same SignWriting symbols can be applied in different
ways. For example, Stefan in Germany has developed a way to write
detailed mouth movements using SignWriting symbols. So I hope others
will share with us, how they would write "ppp" in a sign...The more
input from SignWriting users, the better!

Here is information on how I personally would write "p p p"...

First, I want to share a list of some facial expression symbols that
are related to this....

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