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From:  Dan Parvaz
Date:  Sat Dec 29, 2001  10:49 pm
Subject:  Re: ARABIA: New Web Posting!

> I am sorry about errors in the Arabic. I do not read Arabic, so I
> didn't realize. But there is an excellent solution....

Hi Val,

That's a nice cross-platform solution, assuming you keep the graphics
*light*. In many Middle Eastern countries, phone lines are not exactly
state-of-the-art, which sometimes leads to connection speeds of 9600 and
sometimes even 4800 bps; what takes no time flat on my DSL connection
can be mighty tedious in Syria or Algeria.

For the moment, reading the opening credits is a bit like reading a
crossword puzzle backwards :-)

The cause of the "problem" is that you are not using Arabic Windows, so
all those Arabic characters remain unjoined and left-to-right. You can
use a word processing program like Accent which will handle Windows
Arabic 1250 codepages in a US Windows environment. In Mac OS 9, you can
install Apple's Arabic support and use iCab to read Arabic web pages,
but that doesn't help with word processing.

There are three different signs for "Arab" that I know of, used in
Jordan (probably also used in KSA and Syria), Libya, and Tunisia. Once I
get my bochs emulator to play nicely with SW4.4, I'll be happy to send
them. For the moment, here are verbal descriptions (ugh):

1. LIU (Jordan): Fist, pinkie and thumb extended (Int'l Manual Alphabet
"Y"), knuckles up, palm contra near ipsi ear. shake hand by rotating at
wrist (like ASL YELLOW).

2. Libya: Fist, index and middle extended, fingers together (Int'l
Manual Alphabet "U"), fingers pointing to upper contra quadrant, palm
out in "neutral" space. Move hand back until back of extended fingers
contact chin.

3. LST (Tunisia): Baby-C (as in ASL POLICE) contacts face, surrounding
ipsi eye, palm facing contra.

Assuming that a universally agreed-upon sign for "Arab" will not be
found soon for a region which stretches from the Western coast of Africa
to the Indian Ocean, it might be nice to have an animated GIF which
shows as many signs for "Arab" as possible. I can't think of a nicer way
to honor the linguistic richness,diversity, and unity of the region (9an
iznak ya mHammad!).



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