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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Sun Dec 30, 2001  9:41 pm
Subject:  Re: ARABIA: New Web Posting!

General query,

Hello, my name is Charles Butler and I am trying to update my paper on
medieval sign language and would like a general reply from various signed

In your country, what signs do you use for royalty. These could include any
of the following.

Your languages equivalent to:

King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke, Duchess, Baron, Baroness, Emperor,
Chief, Baba, Fon, to name a few.

I have, currently, some signs for King (ASL, BSL), Konig (Danish,
Norwegian), Roi (French), Rei (Spanish), Queen (ASL, BSL), Reina (Spanish),
Konigunde (Danish), Prince (ASL, BSL), Princess (ASL, BSL).

I have no equivalent for Duke, Duchess, Baron, Baronness, Emperor, or Chief,
though Spain, Portugal, and several other countries still have such offices
in their political system, but for some reason, no signs in their Deaf
vocabulary. In my inquiries in Brazil, I was suprised to discover that
there was no sign for Baron, even though there are several prominent Barons
listed in local histories, in earlier inquiries with various other
countries, such as Belgium, there was only sign for "royal person" but no
distinguishing between "king, queen, duke" even though the country is ruled
by a Grand Duke.

As a separate question?

What signs do you use for "clergy". Priest, imam, priestess, nun, monk,
bishop, guru, rabbi?

This is an area in which I have no expertise. I have signs for priest,
clergyman, nun, rabbi, and bishop in ASL, but not in any other language.
Any ideas?

Charles Butler

You may send me .sgn files directly if you like, or put them in .gif or .jpg
for everyone.

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