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From:  "Karen A. Van Hoek"
Date:  Sun Nov 29, 1998  4:56 pm
Subject:  Re: Writing Fingerspelling in SW


Yes indeed, you're right. Research by Carol Padden, in particular, and
also some research that I and others participated in under the direction
of Ursula Bellugi, indicated that for Deaf children, fingerspelling is
learned before written spelling, and that it appears that they think of
fingerspelled words as simply signs with a great deal of hand-internal
movement. Moreover, when Deaf children are learning to write English,
some of them clearly think that written English is intended to represent
fingerspelling (a point which Carol Padden first made), and they'll make
spelling decisions based in part on the look of the fingerspelled word.
So it's more true to the way that Deaf children learn ASL to have
fingerspelling represented in its own right, instead of printing out the
English word.

Karen van Hoek

On Sun, 29 Nov 1998, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> November 29, 1998
> Thanks for the question about fingerspelling (see below).
> When Deaf children who are born into Deaf families learn a fingerspelled
> word at ages one, two, and they know they are fingerspelling
> English? I bet they feel those fingerspelled words are "signs" don't they?
> I hope some of the linguists and others on the list will give us their
> input on this question -
> Valerie
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> Sat, 28 Nov 1998 Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> >I was also wondering ... Is there a particular reason why we write
> >out the fingerspelling for spoken language words instead of putting
> >those words in standard print? It just seemed to me that if we are
> >simply fingerspelling an English word (for example), why don't we
> >just type the word in English letters? Just wondering ...
> >
> >I can understand for some ASL signs like #JOB or #EARLY. It's
> >others I'm wondering about.
> >
> >Stuart
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> Valerie :-)
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