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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jan 6, 2002  2:54 pm
Subject:  Re: "Metalinguistics"...what is it?

>> Angus wrote: This gets to the core of metalinguistics.
>>Metalinguistics is just the ability to use language to talk about
>>language. So Anne-Claude is hoping to be able to train her
>>students to discuss their own language, and others. Perhaps Cecelia
>>and Stefan might be able to tell us ways that SignWriting helped
>>their students think about language?

SignWriting List
January 6, 2002

Very interesting, Angus. And yes...I hope Cecilia and Stefan can
share that with us...

Meanwhile, Anne-Claude, a study focusing on "How SignWriting
encourages students to think about their language" would be a good
one. We have never had anyone approach a research paper on
SignWriting with that topic in mind (as far as I know), so if you
choose to do this, you will be the first!

Meanwhile, you might be interested in Karen van Hoek's ASL grammar
lessons, since those grammar lessons were first signed by a Deaf
adult, who described the grammar of ASL in ASL, and then Karen wrote
that in SignWriting...That is an example of "ASL describing ASL"...
There are actually 12 grammar lessons like that, but we only have two
on the web...

Course 4: Writing ASL Grammar In SignWriting

Val ;-)

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