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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jan 13, 2002  6:07 pm
Subject:  Re: Questions for a Notation Comparisons Study

>>Susanne Bentele wrote: (I would like to quote some of the
>>statements that were made in the discussion - does a public
>>emailing list mean I can quote right away or do I need special
>>permission from everybody? If so, may I have your permission...?)
>>Best wishes, Susanne

SignWriting List
January 13, 2002

Hello Susanne, James and Everyone -
I am preparing some responses to your great messages, but first I
want to answer this question, since I know you have a deadline,

You have my full permission to quote anything I write on the
SignWriting List, or in any of our publications.

The purpose of the SignWriting List is to provide a public forum, and
in that sense, anything posted by a List member automatically becomes
"public", because the messages are automatically archived in the
SignWriting List Archives on the web, and are read by hundreds
daily...I hope all List members know that their messages become
public automatically.

But thank you, Susanne, for asking permission anyway. That is very
proper, and please know you always have my permission.

I too am on a deadline, with the SignBank project. We are working
with the FileMaker Corporation, the database software company in San
Francisco, to coordinate our efforts in using SignBank, a SignWriting
database, in Deaf Education. I have a meeting by telephone with
FileMaker people tomorrow, Monday, and I have a bunch of documents to
prepare for them. By Tuesday I think I can take a deep breath....

I look forward to preparing a report for the SignWriting List,
summarizing schedules and events in 2002...I have much to share with
you, and I look forward to our discussions ;-)
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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