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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jan 17, 2002  5:08 pm
Subject:  Re: Questions about SW text editors

>>Flavio (known as Rikki) wrote: Now, I'd like to make a question.
>>You used the expression "type SW". I'm so sorry for my ignorance,
>>but... can one really "type" in SW? I mean, is it really practical
>>and fast? I really would like to evaluate myself, but as I don't
>>understand much of SW (this WILL change soon), it's quite hard for
>>me. Another question is if there is any research/work going on to
>>develop new versions of SignWriter - and which characteristics
>>would they have.

SignWriting List
January 17, 2002

Yes. The SignWriter Computer Program, developed by Richard Gleaves
and myself, has a way to type directly in the visual symbols of
SignWriting, without using a mouse. We worked hard on developing the
typing system, which works beautifully, with training.

There are other computer programs for SignWriting that are not named
"SignWriter". Those other programs do not necessarily have a way to
type...they oftentimes are graphics programs that use the mouse to
point and click....two very different things (nothing wrong with
that, by the way, but they are simply different programs).

So when you see the name "SignWriter", you know we are talking about
a special way to type SW.

The new SignBank which we are developing is not, at this time, a way
to type. It is a graphics program. So people first type their
documents in SignWriter, and then transfer the typed signs into

I believe deeply that our typing system in SignWriter has great
merit. And yes, speed can be developed if you practice. When I was in
high school, I took a course in "speed typing English". The course
was good for me. I learned how to type English well. We need courses
like that in SignWriter. If people had training, they would all be
typing SW quickly in SignWriter.
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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