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From:  Flavio Medina
Date:  Wed Jan 23, 2002  7:36 am
Subject:  Re: Your opinions

--- Valerie Sutton escreveu:
> SignWriting List
> January 22, 2002
> Rikki - Thank you for the message below. Of course
> you are right. If
> your masters degree thesis is in research, and the
> focus has to be
> "new", then clearly helping us with an "old"
> computer program like
> SignWriter (that has been in use for 15 years now),
> is hardly your
> project! But thank you very much for offering to
> help, and if you
> choose SignWriting for a new project, we will always
> be interested.
> Val ;-)
> -----------------------------

Hello Val and Everyone.

I don't this to sound wrong - I thing I already did...
I don't want to mean by any means that SignWriter is
old-fashioned or bad. I myself think it is a very good
idea - SPECIALLY considering that it was developed so
long ago - oh my, 15 years!!! My problem is having
something that was actualy developed (by me, as its my
thesis :). Of course that doesn't mean I can't count
on the cooperation of other people or use of public
technology. And because I want to be of good use for
everyone, I will do my best to join both my course
requirements and "world real needs". I really hope I'm
up to the chalenge.

Thanks, bye!

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