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From:  Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa
Date:  Tue Dec 1, 1998  11:22 pm

Dear Alexandra,

Some tentative answers to some of your questions:

> 5) Won't the rapid pace of technology, including Internet
>simply wipe SignWriting out, reducing it obsolete? Why or why not? After
>all, videocameras (useful for signed ASL) are shrinking rapidly in both
>size and cost, as are computer chips, and new technology is continually
>popping up to replace old ways of doing things.

SignWriting is a way of writing sign languages. No technology advance,
including the advance of Internet, will dismiss written languages. On the
contrary, Internet is making written languages even more important, both as
a means to build repositories of knowledge and information and as a means to
exchange information among people. We even see an increase in the demand of
better and faster automatic text translators to give people better access to
the huge amount of information being made available worlwide on the net.

> 6) What flaws does SignWriting and/or its software still have that
>to be worked out? (Since you are all obviously proponents of SignWriting,
>I expect positive comments in general; however, every program has its
>kinks that it needs to work out, and SignWriting is no exception! :-) )

In my humble opinion, the main "flaw" in the SignWriting software (I mean,
the whole set of software programs and systems that could support
SignWriting) is the few amount of people working in developing it :-) Would
there be more academic and industrial groups and organizations developing
SignWriting software and we would have much more solid points of view about
the many ways to use SignWriting both inside and outside the Internet.

Success to you and the Silent News.

My best regards to Valerie!

Antonio Carlos

Antônio Carlos da Rocha Costa
Escola de Informática - ESIN/UCPEL email:
Universidade Católica de Pelotas
R. Félix da Cunha, 412 fone: (0532) 22-1555 r.227
96010-000 Pelotas, RS, Brasil. fax: (0532) 25-3105

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