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From:  GS-Media
Date:  Fri Jan 25, 2002  3:37 pm
Subject:  Re: ZURICH: hand held for a long time?

Dear Valerie and Stefan,

Many thanks for the simple tilde symbol solution to the 'hand held over
several signs' problem. I'm sorry we didn't find that ourselves in the
SignWriting Textbook - but glad we have colleagues who patiently answer
our questions.

Both Valerie and Stefan's Gif examples were very helpful - exactly what
we needed.

Stefan - I can see your general point about not adding additional
graphic components to the SW-symbol set, and we are trying to avoid that
too. The only 'outside' notation we are currently using in the column
format is a grey line going through signs made with the same facial
expression. Of course, one can just repeat the notation of the face
with every sign. But as I tried to explain our reasoning to Valerie,
we're trying to make clearer that those particular faces are being used
as a kind of 'prosodic' element, binding together several signs. For
sentences in the column format, the grey line seems to be clearer than
do the brackets that some of you use in writing sentences in the
horizonal format.

Thanks again!

Penny Boyes Braem


Oerlikonerstrasse 98

CH-8057 Zürich


Cell: 078 6622309
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