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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jan 31, 2002  7:06 pm
Subject:  Re: SignStream, Zurich Project, Univ Maine...

Judy A. Kegl wrote:
>We actually tried to build it in. Valerie helped me work out a mock
>up for a graphics line that would allow exactly that. It was set as
>a low priority by the BU side of things for programming time, but
>may still get done at some point. It's worth asking for.

SignWriting List
January 31, 2002

Hello Everyone, and Judy!
Regarding SignStream...of course we would love it, but maybe our
SignBank will someday offer similar features...

Regarding this....My silence on the List is due to a wonderful
project in Zurich, Switzerland, directed by Penny Boyes Braem.
Penny's Deaf team has written the story of Noah in German-Swiss Sign
Language in SignWriting. They have transcribed it from a video, which
is rich with mime-like gestures showing the different animals as they
board the the SignWriting is very visual, but hard for their
first story!! I am so impressed with their writing....They sent me 55
QuickTime video clips...each one is one sentence in the story...and I
am comparing the QuickTime with their SignWriter SGN file...I have
both open on my computer's desktop simultaneously, to edit their

It is so much easier using Quicktime, rather than the old method of
real video in a machine...and this experience gives me ideas for the
"streaming of video" for SignBank - Perhaps someday SignBank can
incorporate QuickTime clips....

I hope to complete the 55 sentences for Zurich this weekend - I am
only on sentence 27, and at the moment I am writing the movements of
an ape, scratching himself and looking around - ha...I have also
written elephant's ears flapping in the wind, and horses galloping on
board the Arc!

Judy, thanks for inviting me to post to your students at the
University of Southern Maine...I am excited about your course, and
the SignWriting interest it is producing from your students. Several
have contacted me. What does your course entail?
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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