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From:  Lourdes Tollette
Date:  Thu Dec 3, 1998  12:58 am


I would like to ask you some questions. If the signwrite was start way back
then why deaf people didn't learn signwrite way back from the start?

For example I am profoundly deaf and I never learn ASL when I was little
because I went to deaf oral school for the most of my life. And I know they
teach us in English and not ASL sign. I am not very good English and I do have
a hard time to read the hard words or never hear the words before. But when I
reach in high school that has deafies and hearings are mix in the class. My
High school allow deaf student sign (ASL or straight English), so why they
didn't teach us to learn SignWriting from deaf people who already know ASL
sign? Even now I never see small deaf children start to learn signwrite yet.
Like I say I never knew about SignWriting till I hear about a month ago. When
I see and learn and it really gets me very exciting. I feel want to learn more
and getting ASL language better .


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