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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Feb 2, 2002  6:11 pm
Subject:  Sergio: SignBank and SignWriter....

>You are right. My idea is make a menu in Word Doc, I still finish this, but
>i tested and it is possible. I can insert menu in Word using VBA programer
>or macro. It is very simple but i need sign simbols it is a greate job. Have
>you a sign simbols ? Can you send that one to me ? Sergio RIbeiro

SignWriting List
February 2, 2002

Hello Sergio, Stefan, Angus, Rikki and Everyone -
Such interesting messages about your program, Sergio! And I bet all
the wonderful people on this list can assist you in many ways - I am
only one of many people developing SignWriting software....kind of
exciting, isn't it? ;-)

In my case, Sergio, I am working on a new program called SignBank....
SignBank makes it possible to have a large SignWriting dictionary
open simultaneously, while you are working with Microsoft Word, or
any other program...and you can copy any sign into your documents
while you type in GIFs or JPEGs....You can also copy
symbols from SymbolBank, into any Word document. SymbolBank comes
with SignBank, which is scheduled for release in the Fall, 2002.

Of course that is not a Menu in Word, but it is close to the same
idea you have....

So perhaps, Sergio, you are trying to "hook into" existing
dictionaries already typed with SignWriter 4.4? if so, it will be
good to also have it hook into SignBank dictionaries....

When you asked for "source code" from me, I got confused and first
thought you meant something else. Then you asked for "symbols" and I
thought you meant all of the thousands of tiny palm facings, flops
and rotations for every SW symbol....

But now, I believe I understand that you are talking about complete
signs, not just symbols?....Is that right? Connecting to existing
SignWriting dictionaries from SignWriter 4.4? That is an exciting

Val ;-)

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