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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Feb 19, 2002  3:21 am
Subject:  FRENCH SWISS: Questions

Question from French-Switzerland:
>>> Could you just let me know if there's anything special I'm
>>>supposed to do if the team of Fribourg (I'm meeting them on
>>>tuesday 19th) is interested in participating to the SW litteracy
>>>project ? Do I have to fill up with them the sample confirmation

Dear SignWriting List
and Anny from French Switzerland!

Thank you for your questions, Anny. I know I am a little late in
answering them...I was working on the German-Swiss
project...(SignWriting seems to be spreading in Switzerland ;-)

Regarding your SWISS FRENCH project...

Your team in Fribourg is most welcome to participate in the
SignWriting Literacy Project, without any "official letters" from
your administration...

I do not have the funding this year to donate a lot of materials, but
we do have free books and software on the web, and I plan to post
more free books on the web later this year...

I ask only ONE thing....that some of the teachers at the Fribourg
School for the Deaf, who plan to use SignWriting, will join the
SignWriting List, and introduce themselves. Then post questions
directly to the SW List, rather than writing to me privately...

Recently I have not been able to teach on the List, because of
stressful schedules, but I hope in time to start teaching again, and
when that time comes, I know your teachers will benefit from those
lessons -

So best of luck with your meeting, and we look forward to meeting
some of your teachers on the SignWriting List!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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