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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Feb 20, 2002  4:29 pm
Subject:  Re: FRENCH SWISS:Sign Writing Questions

SignWriting List
February 20, 2002

Young children using SignWriting....

And then there is Brazil! And....and...and...and... ;-)

So in summary, Anny, SignWriting is used with young deaf children in
Brazil, Nicaragua, Germany, and Albuquerque, New in
several other places...Several years ago, in Tara, Ontario, Canada,
SignWriting was used with seven born-deaf native signers, of which
five were young deaf children - so from our point of view, the age of
the children is not an issue - they all love it!

Actually, young children learn and use SignWriting a lot faster than
the adults, who express fear and worry about details...but the
children just love it...and they read very very quickly - it is
nothing like our experiences with hearing children and spoken
languages, because SignWriting has a pictorial component that makes
it easier to read than spoken rather than worrying
about it - just try it with one or two children - and you might find
it to be a positive experience!
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