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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Feb 20, 2002  5:44 pm
Subject:  Re: FRENCH SWISS:Sign Writing Questions

Stefan in Germany wrote:
>Gordian is three years old - he is able to type with SW44 his first signs
>and he is a skilled reader. He enjoys it sooooooo much !!!

SignWriting List
February 20, 2002

Hello Stefan! You are back from your trip...I am so excited about
your presentations to schools for deaf children...I understand that
you have just presented a workshop - a seminar - for Teachers of Deaf
students in other schools in Germany? How did that go? Please tell us
all about it....

And Anny - Maybe a presentation on SignWriting by teachers who
already use SignWriting (in other countries), could be arranged at
the Fribourg School for the Deaf? That way, the Fribourg teachers can
discuss the issues with other teachers who already use
SignWriting....In the past, Stefan has traveled to Switzerland to
present Zurich, I believe...

And the Parkhursts in Spain, and Ingvild Roald in Norway, and even
the Zurich team, might be able to help you... the middle of your thousand jobs, do you think you or a
member of your team, could go to French-Switzerland to present to the
teachers there? Just curious if someone in Europe can give support to
Anny and the Fribourg school?

Val ;-)

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