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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Feb 21, 2002  3:30 pm
Subject:  COW in ASL

At 3:31 PM +0100 2/21/02, Susanne Bentele wrote:
>COW / KUH (Y-handshape at side of forehead (one-or two-handed doesn't matter))
>SAME (ASL) / WELCHE (DGS) (Y-handshape, moving from side to side)
>BALANCE / WIEGEN (flat hand, palm up, two hands move up and down
>alternating, hands are quite near to each other)
>EAR / HÖREND (index finger close to ear, repeatedly tapping ear)
>MILK / MILCH (C-hands move up and down alternating, while moving down
>close into fist)
>STAND / STEHEN (V-hand stands on palm of flat hand; no movement)

SignWriting List
February 21, 2002

Hi Susanne - I said nothing because I assumed you wanted German Sign
Language? I thought you might be working with one of the many who
know SignWriting in Germany...

Here is the sign for "COW" in American Sign Language. I believe you
want the last one:
Type: image/gif
Size: 2k

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