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From:  John Hill
Date:  Thu Dec 3, 1998  6:00 pm
Subject:  Re: your mail

Well, Val...

Ya know, I was thinking, maybe that story is telling us something...

Maybe the solution to all this resistance to the SignWriting is because we
haven't put YOU on trial as a witch! Maybe all inventers of writing
systems are actually witchs. YOu could use the opportunity to charm the
socks off those juriors and everything will be just terrific!



On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Lourdes Tollette wrote:

> Val,
> The invention of SignWriting is at times compared to the invention of
the written alphabet for the Cherokee Indian language. The Cherokee
Indian chief Sequoyah, who invented the written form for his native
spoken language, was also surrounded by controversy for 25 years. His own
people burned his books and threatened is life. They actually put him on
trial for being a witch, but then he taught the jurors at the trial how
to read and write (I am not kidding, that is the story!) and they decided
it was pretty terrific!! So instead of executing him, they decided to use
Sequoyah's alphabet, and now the Cherokee Indi an language is preserved
for future generations.
> Interesting, I didn't know about this. And I believe you.. you are no
kidding.. Smile!
> Lourdes

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