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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Thu Feb 21, 2002  7:10 pm
Subject:  Re: Unhappily repeating request....

Hallo Susanne and Listmembers,

I felt surprised to read your "unhappily repeating request ... "

I would love to support you with your comparison -

on the other hand I would love to post a comparison of these signs on the
German SW webside - so it would be wonderfull if you could send me
your other spellings in the various other notation systems via this list or
directly -

As you know - the term for SignWriting differs from country to country. In
Germany we call it " "GebaerdenSchrift" with the "S" in the middle of the
word ;-)

So I will send a couple of emails and will attach each time one written
sign. You may notice that I include heads and mouthsymbols - that allows us
to to read faster .... (really !!)

Have a super day


attached is the sign for Kuh -

----- Original Message -----
From: "Susanne Bentele"
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2002 2:31 PM
Subject: Unhappily repeating request....

Dear SW-community,

some time ago I explained my problem of working with a Mac and not
being able to install the SignWriter computer programme (let alone
using it ;-) without further knowledge)... After several unsuccessful
tries with PC emulators (still: thank you for all the kind
suggestions on the list!!) I decided to give up on this matter. The
main reason for this is that the deadline for my thesis is coming
nearer and I really need the time for more important things than
computer problems. :-/

Now, I am well aware of the fact that everyone on this list is very
busy anyhow and should not be troubled by requests like mine. But
maybe there is someone out there who is nonetheless willing to spare
a few moments to help me out. Maybe the signs are in your
dictionaries already? (Right now the only alternative is to leave out
the examples in SignWriting - something I would rather not opt for) I
am not happy with this situation but right now it seems to be the
only way.

To repeat the problem: For my overview/comparison of different
writing systems for sign languages I wish to show the same signs as
examples in all the different writing systems that are being
discussed. For various reasons, I decided on the following signs:

COW / KUH (Y-handshape at side of forehead (one-or two-handed doesn't
SAME (ASL) / WELCHE (DGS) (Y-handshape, moving from side to side)
BALANCE / WIEGEN (flat hand, palm up, two hands move up and down
alternating, hands are quite near to each other)
EAR / H END (index finger close to ear, repeatedly tapping ear)
MILK / MILCH (C-hands move up and down alternating, while moving down
close into fist)
STAND / STEHEN (V-hand stands on palm of flat hand; no movement)

I do have them in Stokoe-Notation and two sub-systems thereof
(Kyle&Woll and the Durham version), I can do them myself in HamNoSys
and the inventor of Intersys wrote them down for me as well. The
missing two are now SignWriting (SignWriting Printing is top priority
- SignWriting Shorthand additionally would be excellent) and SoSo
(Sign Oriented Semantic Orthography) which I am still hoping to get.

Thanks for reading this, anyway.

Best wishes, Susanne

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