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From:  Susanne Bentele
Date:  Fri Feb 22, 2002  7:36 am
Subject:  Re: Sign Classes

Re: Sign Classes
Hello list!!
                I was wondering if anybody could tell me if there are sign
classification such as in English word classes like noun, verb adverb
adjective and the rest, or any form of grammatical classification. If so
were could I get a list of them and are the same for all sign languages
This maybe is a silly question sorry for naivety.

there is a recent dissertation on this subject. It's in German, though....
I don't think the 'sign classes' would be the same for all sign languages, they do, however, seem to share lots of similarities in that respect.

Erlenkamp, S. 2000: Syntaktische Kategorien und lexikalische Klassen. Typologische Aspekte der Deutschen Gebärdensprache. München, Newcastle : Lincom Europa (Diss. Univ. Kiel)

Best wishes, Susanne
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