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From:  Denny Lancaster
Date:  Thu Feb 28, 2002  11:24 am
Subject:  Email Change

Please change Denny Lancaster
a/k/a The Fareie Keeper email
address to:

The old one will not work
after February 28th

Denny Lancaster
"May the force be with you, for the truth is out there!"
"The Faerie Keeper"

Founding Member, Volunteer Your PC, team

Heartland Golden Heart Chairperson With Love and Joann's Spirit

Our Home Page-Lancasters Laughing Place

Kindred Spirits-The Faerie Keepers Si'de

Talking Hands Award Section-Teaching Excellence

True Believers Section-Child like faith

Heartland Community Leader Help Section
CL Class date 3/9/99

True Believers Web Ring-The Alpha and Omega

Build It Accessable-They Will Come and Learn
disABILITY Compliance Alliance (DCA)

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