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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Mar 15, 2002  10:33 pm
Subject:  Re: SW transparency: ideographic iconicity & alphabetic regularity.

SignWriting List
March 15, 2002

Fernando Capovilla wrote:
>>With respect to SW, the notion of transparency becomes even more
>>fascinating, because we would have 2 types of transparency: the
>>chereme-handshape one (the equivalent to grapheme-phoneme, that is
>>SW as an alphabetic system) and the iconic one (the equivalent to
>>the ideographic iconicity, that is SW as an ideographic system). As
>>we see, SW is like a coin, and the more we work on both faces, the
>>greater the benefits that accrue to the deaf child.

Hello Fernando and Everyone!
Thank you for your excellent messages. I had been meaning to point
out to Flavio from Brazil (who lives in Japan and is called Rikki
there) to get in touch with you, Fernando.

In an earlier message, Flavio asked about research papers on
SignWriting written in Flavio..... if you are reading
this message...I hope you can get in touch with Fernando, who is
compiling more and more written research on the subject...

Since I am not a linguist, I have times when I do not know the
terminology. Our list is a blend of several professions. So for
myself, and for other members of the List who are not linguists, may
I ask..... What does the term "transparency" mean in the linguistic

That is a new term for me!

Val ;-)

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