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From:  Nobukatsu Minoura
Date:  Sun Mar 17, 2002  5:18 pm
Subject:  Re: Names for sign languages

on 3/18/02 1:54 AM, Dan Parvaz at wrote:

>> ASL: Amerika Shuwa or ASL (Ee Esu Eru)
> You mentioned that younger Deaf who know the international/US one-handed
> manual alphabet use it for the abbreviations, as in ASL. But if they do
> use "ee, esu, eru", is fingerspelled kana used?

Nono. There was some confusion. Ee Esu Eru is the acronym in SPOKEN
Japanese. Young deaf people just finger-spell it A-S-L.

Deaf people who don't know American/International finger spelling would just

BTW, there is also a system of Japanese two-handed finger spelling for the
26 letters of Latin alphabet, which is not related to the BSL two-handed
finger spelling. But it is usually NOT used for acronyms. It is used for
things like "person A," "person B," etc. and when you cannot avoid to spell
out something in English.


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