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From:  Akehurst
Date:  Tue Dec 8, 1998  5:41 pm
Subject:  Re: Private Tutor Ontario, Canada

8. Facial expressions were hard for some students, and they didn't realize
they used facial expressions when they signed - that sounds like an adult
talking! Were the children any different, when learning facial expressions?

Yes, they were, Valerie, and I should have mentioned this. In fact, the
children really enjoyed 'making faces' and were quite good at remembering
the positions of eyebrows, etc. I'm assuming that comes from their more
recent experience with deciphering meaning by reading the 'whole' pictures
(faces as well as hands) when dealing with their families. Many of the
adults seem to have taken it for granted (much as we take our language's
grammar (speaking for myself) for granted with time...)and had some
difficulty making themselves consciously recall the facial expressions they

*Just a side note here...we do have experience teaching Deaf adults and
have done so for years, but we do not have as much experience teaching
children. In a previous message, Kathy told us of some of the Deaf adult
issues in class, which sounded very familiar to me....adults tend to base
learning on their past experiences, and since Deaf adults didn't learn
SignWriting in school when they were children, they tend to be more
analytical and worried about understanding every detail, where children
tend to accept and absorb in a less judgemental least that is my
personal you agree with that, Kathy?


Thank you once again for giving us so much information to "chew on", Kathy,
and I look forward to sending you the more advanced literature early next
year - Please say "hello" to your students for me :-)

Shall do, and thanks Valerie!

all the best, K.

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