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From:  Henk Pel
Date:  Sun Jan 4, 1998  4:25 pm
Subject:  Re: now what?

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Subject: Re: now what?

Henk Pel wrote:
>I now have the following on my desktop
>Shortcut to gs704w32
>Shortcut to gsv42w32
>Did I download the right stuff and if so what do I do next?.

Hello Henk!
I do not know GhostScript well. Angus and Stuart are more skilled
with it. I am on a Mac. I am not sure what you are experiencing on
your PC.

First, have you created a .ps file yet from SignWriter 4.4? You will
need to create that file first, before using GhostScript...
Yes, Valerie, I have done that without any trouble
In the instructions on the web that I directed you teaches
you how to setup your interface in SignWriter to *5-File...and your
printer to "Postscript". Then tell SignWriter to print a file, and it
creates the .ps file and places it in your SignWriter directory.
Yes, those instructions are very clear and I was able to do that part.
I hope someone else can help you from there...
I hope so too
or you can just forget it! You are doing fine without PDF files ;-)

Val ;-) I know but I don't like to give up. Thank you for all your help,

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