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From:  MGirod & ACPrélaz
Date:  Fri Mar 22, 2002  6:15 pm
Subject:  Re: Sign-To-Spoken Language Translations

Hello everyone !

Sorry for all the trouble... I guess the first thing is... I didn't know
the second meaning of the word "exact" (which was the one you intended
Valerie)... I agree with about all that's been said in response to my
mail... maybe I just didn't express correctly. There are so many hearing
people who can't imagine language functioning another way than vocal
languages... so many people thinking Signed languages are poor because
they don't use "mots-foncteur" (all the small grammatical words...)...
and the thing is... as you said it: translation and interpretation is
not a one to one word process... we (interpreter) first have to get to
the meaning and then find the best way to express this meaning in the
target-language. Some words just can't be translated into one other
word. Oh well... I won't say more about it.... you probably all know
theses things already !

Have a nice week-end everybody !


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